Amboi FM

Kuala Lumpur

About Amboi FM

Amboi FM is an internet radio station founded and entirely run by visually impaired persons. The radio station’s main studio is in Kuala Lumpur. This FM was established on April 1, 2012.

More Information

Amboi FM is capable of not only offering quality standard radio programming but also of being one of the mainstream radio channels that offer quality-enriched entertainment programs. Its team of experts includes Hunter, Roket, Kota, Ferdie and Qaseh. Their main event are Santai Petang, Pilihan Konti Desa, Semarak Malam Di Amboi, Pilihan Pejabat Amboi, Rentak Dinihari & Meniti Fajar, Tazkirah & Pilihan Malam Amboi and Amboi Pagi.


Website: amboifm

Language: Malay

Email: [email protected]


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Amboi FM