Radio 24

Kuala Lumpur

About Radio 24

Radio 24 accomplishes this goal by providing various programming to its audience. This radio station broadcasts from Kuala Lumpur and has been on the air since 2007. Bernama Radio 24 broadcasts in both Malay and English, with a news and information-focused schedule.

More Information

Radio 24 is an incredible source of information and enjoyment for some places. Its team of experts includes Dr. Tengku Asmadi, Raifa & Shuhadah, Naziana & Gee, Amar & Zul and Wan Syahrina. Their main event are Motivasi Pagi, Dunia Niaga, Cyber 999, Apa Kata Anda and Radio 24 Gelanggang.




Language: Malay

Address: Kuala Lumpur

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Radio 24