Wana Muzik FM

Kuala Lumpur

About Wana Muzik FM

Wana Muzik FM is dedicated to bringing you the best songs from Malaysian performers. It’s a radio with incredibly creative people working to make the radio’s programs as user-friendly as feasible for them. From dawn until nightfall, this radio will provide you with the best music available.

More Information

Radio Warna broadcasts largely adult contemporary music, but it also provides religious content, local, national, and international news, information, and entertainment. Its team of experts RZ, Morniyati Tukimin, Farida Onn, Mariam Mas'Od, Suharti Ali and Sue Kassim. Their main event are Color Espresso, Cheers Family, Evening color, Color Silk and alam 2 Mat.


Website: wanamuzikfm.blogspot.com

Language: Malay

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +65 6691 1942

Address: 1 Stars Avenue, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore 138507, Malaysia

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